Tuesday, 7 August 2012

We have a winner

The winner of our Cupcake Bonaza Giveaway was the lovely Anastasia Soldatos, she chose Cin Sity as her cupcake of choice (cinnamon cupcake with vanilla buttercream). Now Anastasia is an avid twitter user and beauty blogger and from this we had seen that Anastasia was tweeting her weight loss success and motivating gym updates- so we decided to use half spoon sugar and 1% milk in her cupcakes to lighten them and to make them less guilty.

We made the buttercream a beautiful lilac colour and topped off with white and milk chocolate hearts and a dusting of glitter.

Anastasia liked her cupcakes so much she has given us a review- please give it a whirl http://daintydesires.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/oh-how-i-love-baked-good.html?m=1

Thursday, 24 May 2012


Bonjour Cake Lovers!

We are having our first giveaway- 6 cupcakes in one of our wonderful creative flavours. There are a few rules;

1. You must be a follower of this blog (google connect friend)and our twitter (@monsieurcupcake)
2. You must comment below with your name, area you live (i.e. Bury) e-mail and choice of flavour.
3. You must live in the Greater Manchester area (this includes Bolton) as I will be personally hand delivering your precious goods.

Please choose from the flavours below, the closing date for this giveaway is Friday 1st June 2012. Get cracking my lovelies!

You Can’t Beat a Classic – Vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream

Space Invader – Vanilla cupcake with brightly coloured vanilla buttercream & popping candy

Raspberry Ripley – Raspberry cupcake with vanilla and raspberry swirled buttercream

Jaffa the Hut – Chocolate cupcake with orange buttercream & mini Jaffa Cake

Java Binks – Coffee cupcake with chocolate buttercream & chocolate coffee bean

Watch-Mint- Chocolate cupcake with peppermint buttercream & After Eight

Cin Sity – Cinnamon cupcake with vanilla buttercream

Malt Doom – Malt cupcake with chocolate buttercream & crushed malted chocolates

Gandalf the Grey – Earl Grey infused cupcake with vanilla buttercream

Peanut Butter Predator “Get to the chopped nuts!”- Peanut butter cupcake with chocolate buttercream & chopped nuts

Captain America – Plain cupcake with maple syrup buttercream, bacon bits and foam egg sweet

Red Dwarf – Stem ginger cupcake with vanilla buttercream and crush ginger biscuits

Au Revoir my fellow geeks x

Friday, 4 May 2012

Baby Bliss


We were contacted by Katie who was celebrating her wonderful news that she was pregnant.

Katie wanted a light and elegant cupcake that wasn't too heavy on flavour. We suggested our lemon and poppyseed cupcake with lemon zest buttercream.

Katie said that the cupcakes were perfect for the occasion and that she enjoyed them fully.

Congratulations Katie!!

Love Monsieur Cupcake x

The language of loooooovvee


Here at Monsieur Cupcake we are very passionate about L'Amore.

Every valentines we have a signature cupcake which is our raspberry cupcake with white chocolate buttercream frosting decorated with foam hearts or love heart sweets.

We decided to make a batch of these as Sam had gotten engaged at the weekend.

They are by far one of our favourite combinations. White chocolate and raspberry are just meant to be.

Love never tasted so sweet


Love Monsieur Cupcake x

Bright beautiful cupcakes


We had a request from Rebecca asking for bright cupcakes for her children. She wanted 12 but as she had boys and girls she wanted a mix of colour.

We recommended the "Game Over" cupcake for the boys; a vanilla cupcake with bright blue vanilla frosting and popping candy.

And our "Raspberry Ripley" cupcake for the girls; a raspberry cupcake with raspberry and vanilla swirled buttercream.

Rebecca told us that the cakes went down a storm with her children and they were eager to try both flavours.

Bon Appetit!!

Love Monsieur Cupcake x

Birthday cake


We had been asked to create a large birthday cake for a lovely little chap called James. James LOVES malteasers so we suggested he had our "Malt Doom" cake.

The cake batter is infused with malt powder, then covered in our chocolate frosting and malteasers.

James adored his birthday cake and so did his friends. His mum informed us that not a single crumb was left for her!

Happy birthday James!

Love Monsieur Cupcake x


Ello I am Monsieur Cupcake. Here for all your baking needs!

I am the creation of a slightly mad lady with a passion, desire and hunger for all things dainty and sweet.

She has been making and baking ever since she was a little girl and loves making tasty treats an unusual flavour combinations to please and delight your eager tastebuds.

So follow us on this our baking adventure and we shall keep you updated on the madness in our kitchens

Bon Appetit

Love Monsieur Cupcake x